Shipping & Packaging:

IMPORTANT: You should always CONTACT US prior to shipping any speaker for service to ensure that we have the necessary components to complete the repair.

NOTE: While we do not service or repair automotive aftermarket speakers, we DO provide service and repairs to factory-installed subwoofers for Toyota, Lexus and Nissan vehicles, to name a few. Guitar speakers are a specialty, as are Infinity Kappa Polydome rebuilds. For a list of speaker brands we service, please click here.

Please Read Before you Pack:

  • NO Speaker Cabinets, please. Kindly remove all speakers prior to shipping and send speakers only.
  • NO Cartons or Shipping Boxes over 20” in any one dimension.
  • NO International Service. Respectfully, we do not provide service outside the United States.

Concerned about high shipping costs?

A problem we're experiencing these days is “dimensional-weight” as charged by UPS/FedEx. Beginning in 2015, the dimensional weight rules changed for both FedEx and UPS. For any package that stays on the ground, dimensional weight is triggered if the package is over 3 cubic feet, or 5,184 cubic inches.

For example, let's say you plan on using a box with dimensions 24" x 24" x 20". To determine the dimensional weight, divide the total cubic dimensions by 166. So in this case, the dimensional weight is 11,520 / 166 = 69.4 lbs. What this simply means is that if you were to ship this box, you'd be billed at a minimum of 70 lbs, (the carrier will round up to the nearest pound). If the package were to weigh more than 70 lbs, you'd be billed for the actual shipping weight. But if the actual weight is less than 70 lbs – for example, let’s say it’s 37 lbs – then the dimensional weight would apply and you'd be billed at 70 lbs!

To add to the complexity, if your package is being shipped via air or internationally, then the divisor is 139 instead of 166, which basically means that the dimensional weight is greater when shipping via air.

Pack Smart!

Do your best to pack small and pack tight.
For example:
6” speakers should go into an 8” square box
8” speakers should go into an 10” square box
10” speakers should go into an 12” square box
12” speakers should go into an 14” square box

Packing pairs of drivers / speakers:

  1. Always pack face to face.
  2. Secure together with several layers of tape around the circumference.
  3. Never place soft materials such as a bubble pack or bubble wrap between the drivers/speakers.
  4. Place in a square carton and pack around them with bubble wrap or tightly crushed paper. Drivers/speakers should not make contact with inside of carton.

Packing single drivers:

  1. Wrap with corrugated cardboard around the speaker and place face down in the carton.
  2. Fill with bubble wrap or tightly crushed paper. Driver/speaker should not make contact with inside of carton.

Ship to:

1422 Taylor Rd
Lansdale, PA 19446

CLICK HERE to reach our contact page.

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Use a square, heavy-duty, corrugated carton..

Packaging and Shipping


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To arrange for speaker repair(s), please head to our contact page.